Paca Thomas has been spending the better part of his adult life making his ADD profitable. Educated at Temple Univesity and Webster College Conservatory For The Performing Arts in Theater and Music, he has collectively and separately pursued acting, songwriting, music composition, music production, computer programming, circuit building, synthesizer programming, sound design, audio engineering, computer-generated imagery and conventional animation.


Along with those disciplines, Paca follows in the path of his father, radio personality George Thomas with voiceover work and as producer-sidekick on the recent four-year run of Bernie Taupin’s American Roots Radio.


In his role as Sound Designer, Paca has worked on countless projects, specializing in Animation Sound for which he has won five Emmy awards, plus over a dozen nominations for MPSE Golden Reel Awards while working with Disney, Universal Studios, Sony and DreamWorks among others.


Prior to Pacaworks, Paca was also the co-creator and partner in, a pioneer in online multi-media production, where he and co-creator, Liz Dubelman developed the concept of the video book trailer and were the creators of the internet sensations, Craziest, Arithmetic of Nurses and Yiddish with Dick And Jane.


Paca's work has been seen in productions for McDonalds, Bank Of America, PBS, Slate Magazine, NBCNews.Com, National Geographic and many more.


Pronounced "Pay-ka", the name Paca is a Welsh surname. Paca’s namesake, William Paca, was one of America's Founding Fathers, having signed the Declaration Of Independence and been elected first Governor of Maryland. He was Paca’s 6x Great Grandfather.


He is married to Sheri Anderson, talent manager and Emmy Award-winning writer, best known for her work on Days of Our Lives and General Hospital.

They love Scottish Fold cats.




Pacaworks is a one-stop shop for high quality Presentation Arts, providing everything you need for presentations of any kind; video reports, commercial production, interstitials, bumpers, production sizzle reels, movie titles, conference and business presentations, anything you need to present your ideas in a truly unique, creative way.


Pacaworks was created to bring you presentation concepts beyond the accepted and expected. Slideshows, stock images, library music and the like are not utilized.


Pacaworks takes a personal, one-on-one approach to production; there's is no design-by-committee here. This unique approach eliminates production schedule bottlenecks, unfocused concepts and production cost overhead.


Pacaworks can produce every aspect of your presentation, from pre-production through post-production, including  music, sound effects and sound mixing.


Pacaworks can produce your presentation in any professional format, including online, broadcast and large-format  theatrical.